Simply because he is the world’s best chocolate fondue producer! Simple. Fast. And oh soooo tasty, Mr. Hotches is the first fondue made with Belgian chocolate ready in 1 minute in the microwave. And it’s delicious on everything: chocolate fondue with fruit, chocolate fondue on the table, hot chocolate fondue on waffles and pancakes. The possibilities are endless! Tap into your inner chef and great ooey gooey combinations that will delight your taste buds!


High-quality Belgian chocolate

As far as Mr. Hotches is concerned, there is no compromising on the quality of chocolate! All
of Mr. Hotches’ chocolate fondue is made with premium Belgian chocolate that is rich and creamy. If it’s good enough for Mr. Hotches’ children, it’ll be good enough for you!

Easy and quick to prepare

Congratulations, Mr. Hotches! You just made our lives easier with the best microwavable chocolate fondues that are ready in just 1 minute. These chocolate treats are practical and delicious. Let’s start a new routine: work, play and chocolate!

Locally produced products

Why bother to look elsewhere when you have everything you need here? Mr. Hotches’
chocolate fondues are certified by Aliments du Québec and are all made locally. What’s more, the chocolate fondues’ recyclable containers are made in Québec. And the head office is also situated in Québec! It’s a dream come true: Belgian chocolate made and enjoyed right here in Québec!

Mr. Hotches: The hidden side of chocolate

Mr. Hotches is Roland Duchesne, a passionate man who is known for his many hats: foodie,chocaholic, entrepreneur and family man. It all started with the opening of his ice cream parlour in aint-Augustin-de-Desmaures. He would dip ice cream cones in creamy chocolate – and the decadent treat became an instant hit. In fact, chocolate lovers around the area loved the chocolate-covered cones so uch, other ice cream parlours quickly followed suit. Today, chocolate-dipped ice cream cones are all the rage.

Roland then concocted the ULTIMATE chocolate fondue recipe that would allow everyone to enjoy his exquisite chocolate in the comfort of their own homes. It was the perfect timing as Roland found the reparation of chocolate fondue in a bain-marie far too long and complex. This is why he created the first microwavable fondue made with Belgian chocolate that is ready in 1 minute!

You can find Mr. Hotches’ irresistible chocolate fondue at ice cream parlours as well as your local IGA or Metro supermarket. Mr. Hotches is quite simply the best way to enjoy time with family and friends round a delicious chocolate fondue!